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  • Since Risk Management can consume a lot of time and money, you could start with applying Precautionary Principle of Prudent Avoidance.

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At Advanced Air Technologies we realize that it is not easy to convince the general public, or respectively the corresponding authorities in the benefits of improved indoor air quality only by the means of this website.

How can one be sure that what he/she can not even see has been really removed?
There are laser scanners counting the number of particles in the air to prove it.
Even if something has been removed form the air one breathes, what are the real benefits of it?
There are simple and quick tests to prove that people's performance (attention, concentration and coordination) improves with reducing the number of particles in the air they breathe.

We hope the above makes you think about this issue.

Analogy: no one can see X-rays, neither viruses as well, but nevertheless everyone is not happy to get those, especially in large quantities. WHY? Because we know from experts or from our personal experience that X-rays and viruses are harmful for us, although we can not see them.

Is it different with polluted air?
We can't see most of the particles in the air, however the smaller they are the greater the harm is.

There is plenty of Evidence from experts from all over the world for adverse health effects caused by exposure to polluted air, even when exposure is at levels which are below current standards.
Many of us have personal experience of short-term exposure effects : when we paint the house, or when we are in dusty environment, or spend some time in presence of volatile chemicals, or if we are stuck in the traffic in a tunnel, etc.

Implementing our air purifier improves the quality of indoor air by significantly reducing the number of particles polluting the air indoors. This may improve people's health and wellbeing, may reduce sick leave days and may improve productivity of the staff.

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